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In The Zone: December 2016

In The Zone

We just wrapped up the Zone 7 series for 2016 with an awards banquet on 11/5 at the Clarion Hotel in Concord. The evening event followed a daylong meeting of the region presidents of Zone 7. I would like to highlight some of the many winners within the Zone. When you meet these winners, please congratulate them!

Concours: Zone 7 Prep and Judging School

America/Los Angeles

Zone 7 Prep and Judging School, location TBD

AX: Golden Gate Region at Marina

America/Los Angeles

Golden Gate Region AX at Marina

AX: Loma Prieta Region at Marina

America/Los Angeles

Loma Prieta Region AX at Marina

AX: Redwood Region at Santa Rosa Airport

America/Los Angeles

Redwood Region AX at Santa Rosa Airport

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